Law Making

The provincial legislature makes provincial laws and may adopt a Constitution for the province if two-thirds of its Members agree.

Legislation & Oversight

The Legislature provides effective and efficient mechanisms to oversee the executive. The Institution makes and implements strategies

Public Participation and Petitions

The Public Participation and Petitions (PPP) Unit was established to comply with the constitutional imperative that a provincial legislature

Our Mission

"An Activist Legislature that Champions Democracy"

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About Us

Welcome to the Free State Legislature

Free State Legislature is one of the nine provincial legislatures in South Africa.

Based in Bloemfontein, the FSL is constitutionally mandated to pass legislation, provide a forum for public debate, involve the public in the law-making process, and oversee the activities of the provincial executive.

The Free State Legislature consists of 30 Members, elected every five years on a proportional representation system. The Premier and members of the Executive Council are appointed from these Members.

This website contains information about the role and function of the Free State Legislature, news, Legislative activities including sitting and standing committee meetings, Members of the Provincial Legislatures (MPL), legislation, publications, career opportunities, etc.

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